Brighton Punx Picnic is organised collectively by a group of like-minded punks. We work on a DIY, non-hierarchical, non-profit basis. We believe punk is as much about politics as it is music – for that reason we aim to work, as much as possible, outside of the capitalist system.

We are against sexism, ageism, nationalism, racism, fascism, greed and oppression. Any attitudes or behaviour contrary to this will not be welcome. Please respect the venues as we do not want to harm the relationship we have with them.

This years Punx Picnic is a benefit for The Cowley Club – a cooperatively owned, volunteer run social centre and Brighton Hunt Sabs. Both need money to keep going, so bear this in mind if you try to get in without paying.

2011 was our first attempt, despite putting in load of effort for fuck all money we decided to do it all again in 2012. We put on other gigs the rest of the year, check Upcoming Gigs or our Facebook page for the latest. We are planning on putting on Punx Picnic 2013, probably on or around 19th-21st April.

If you want to play Punx Picnic or are looking for a gig in Brighton generally drop us an email at