Our firstattempt at putting on a Brighton Punx Picnic was on 15th-17th July and was split between Hector’s House, The Cowley Club and Brighton Beach. It was a benefit for Brighton Hunt Sabs & The Cowley Club and, if you didn’t go, this is what you missed:

Friday 15th July 7pm -1am @ The Cowley, 12 London Rd
Half Boy/Half Rat, Aberrant, Low Rollers, Constant State of Terror, The KADT, Brain Jelly

Saturday 16th July 12pm – 2am @ Brighton Beach & Hector’s House
Casus, Ritchie Blitz, Contempt, Clinton Frazer, Good Finn, Perkie, Bin Raiders, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Refuse/All, Left for Dead, Dog Shite, Defcon Zero, anarchistwood, Bus Station Loonies, Headjam

Sunday 17th July 12pm-11pm @ Hector’s House
Rash Decision, Ed Wood, Mummy Says I’m Special, Jakal, The Barracks, Skurvi, Primeval Soup, Po-lice, Stand Out Riot, Murder of Crows, Drones